BIO (english)

Manuela Cuadra, aka Racy Ros, was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1985.

At just 5 years she discovers flamenco, the first experience related to the world of dance. During her years in Andalusia she always cultivates this discipline by participating in numerous events. Over the years, Caribbean and Oriental rhythms complete her training.
In 2011 she moved to Italy and a year later she met the burlesque course given by a great Italian artist in Ferrara, the city where she has lived since.

Some call she “giunonica“. Typical Mediterranean woman, of amazing curves, on stage is pure passion, character and complicity. Lover of the creative part of burlesque creates every costume, from design to decoration, headgear and other accessories.
She defines herself as a woman who loves vintage, elegance and romance. In each of her acts, atmospheres of other times are breathed in, from that origin of burlesque in here gloves, corsets, feathers and crystals were the protagonists, combined with sensuality, passion and irony.

Head of the Ferrara Pin Up School, her main objective is to bring women closer to their “lost” or “hidden” femininity, preparing the ground for those who, with those in charge, want to enter the world of entertainment.

Today she is also a producer of evenings combining various artistic disciplines, such as the review of erotic literature, music and performance.

During these years she has participated in various workshops held by great international artists such as Medianoche, Bella Blue, Cleo Viper and Milena Bisacco, Albadoro Gala, Russell Brunner, Vibrissa.

2017 sees her participating in the first festivals. In February it remains the first classified in the semi-final of Burlesque Factor, organized by the prestigious Micca Club (Rome). In February he participates in Danza in Fiera, organized by the artist Cinzia Ravaglia, obtaining the prize for the best costume. In May he won the first prize of the Vintage Circus Burlesque Festival (Abano Terme). In July he remains second in the final of the Burlesque Factor. In September she is a guest of the Como Lake Burlesque Festival. In October visit Prague for the Bohemian Burlesque Festival and to finalize the year, participate in the Bologna Burlesque Festival remaining third in the Professional category.

In 2018 she participated in numerous national and international festivals such as the Taormina and the Amazing Flamingo Burlesque Cabaret Festival, remaining second in the regional Burly Pics (Alessandria) and first in the Lindau Burlesque Festival (Germany). Dancer in the Fringe Festival (Edinburgh) and guest of Vintage Circus BF (where she is also a jury for the first time) and of Oslo BF.

All experiences that contribute to the personal growth of this performer in a strange land that has found in the burlesque a form of speaking to the world.


1st Vintage Circus Burlesque Contest – Abano Terme 2017
2nd Burlesque Factor – Micca Club Roma 2017
3rd Bologna Burlesque Festival – Bologna 2017

1st Vintage Contest – Taormina Burlesque Festival 2018
1st Lindau Burlesque Festival – Lindau 2018
2nd Burlypics Italy – Alessandria 2018

Guest performer

Vintage Circus Burlesque Contest – Abano Terme 2018
Spain Burlesque Fest – Madrid / Spain 2018
Bologna Burlesque Festival – Bologna 2018
Funny Burlesque Festival– Trieste 2020


Barcelona Burlesque Extravaganza – Barcelona / Spain 2019


Vintage Circus Burlesque Contest – Abano Terme 2018
Barcelona Burlesque Extravaganza – Barcelona / Spain 2019


Burlesque Galà – Monte San Vito 2019
Chiaravalle Burlesque Festival – Chiaravalle 2019
Barcelona Burlesque Extravaganza Christmas Edition – Barcelona 2019
Burlesque Fight Night 2019 – 2020